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[Short GUIDE] Dell L421X (XPS 14, late 2012) OS X Yosemite 10.10


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CPU: Intel Core i7-3667U 2GHz, dual core, turbo boost 3.2GHz


GPU: Intel HD Graphics 4000 & NVIDIA GeForce 630M

Monitor: 1600X900


I'm making this short guide to keep as a backup place for later installations. Actually it's not my laptop but wife's instead ;) My main laptop is Inspiron 15R SE (short guide here)


1. Installation

- I use Hackintosh zone (10.10.1) for installation

- Boot Hz USB with -v -x

- Partition, format and install. Use customization to add battery kext.

- After reboot, use -s to drop to single user shell.

- Backup all graphic kexts: grafix backup all

- Reboot, you should be able to continue installation (create user, password and so on)


2. Fixes

I didn't have much time to test things on this laptop so only main fix for now:


a. Graphics:

- After booting, you will get very slow graphics.

- Use kext wizard to restore Intel graphics kext only (Intel HD 4000 kexts, IntelCapri FB kext and other Intel kexts, don't restore 3000 or 5000 or GA).

- Edit chameleon plist:


Graphics Mode=1600x900

- Native HDMI and LVDS output for IntelCapri FB patch, use kext here (Note: my HDMI-to-VGA adapter does not work with this kext, no idea why...)


b. Sound.

- Sound is having problems with VoodooHDA. I will try to see if I can use AppleHDA back.


[to be continued]

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hi man

pleas,, can you do full guide for:
Dell L421X (XPS 14, late 2012) OS X Yosemite 10.10

also, the DSDT file and other KEXTS,can you give it to me...
pleas *_*  

i need it for programming "IOS application" in XCOD6

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