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FCP7 Pacifist question

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I have a G5 2.0Ghz DP machine with 4GB of memory.


Now I heard you can install FCP7 using Pacifist. So I tried it but after an hour it was installing suddenly it kernel panicked.


Has anyone successfully installed it?


Could it be my graphics card is the base Radeon 9600 or something else.


I would try FCP 6 but cant find a copy anywhere.


Any help appreciated...


Can someone move this into the Mac Applications forum for me. Sorry for the inconvieniance.

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I just used my old AppleG5 to build a really fast hack. My new-old G5 runs a Gigabyte board with Thunderbolt ports and USB-3 ports at 4.0 Ghz. Love the older aluminum case and mad it all fit inside (with a water cooler) It runs Mavericks and Yosemite as well.

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