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  1. Hi, I have an old HP xw6200 desktop sitting on my desk being idle. It has a Dual CPU dual Core Xeon (Nocona) with Irwindale chipset setup. It has 8GB of Memory. I could probably get Snow Leopard on the machine using the NawcomCD kernel drivers. However to take advantge of the NVIDIA 710GT I need to go higher as the driver doesn't support Kepler cards in 10.6.8. So to take advantage of the graphics card it would be preferable to get to say Sierra or High Sierra. Could you say using Clover install something in the EFI folder to allow the system to set a 64-bit kernel. I think what concerns me is the Xeon does not have support for VT-x but it can support DEP. I believe there is something about the NX bit (I have no idea what that is) but do later versions need UEFI if so could be an issue. Any ideas if possible...
  2. Oh ok then. So if that is not the case maybe I need to adjust the SMBIOS as with Ethernet builtin set and EN0 it is still saying it can not connect. Even though iTunes works.
  3. Hello... I have reset my Ethernet to Eth0 using the removal of the .com.networkpreferences.plist trick. However I am using Chameleon Enoch to boot rather than Clover as I had a lot of issues with clover. However if this step does not work the next step is to change the FileNVRAM.dylib file supposedly, but I have heard this can stop Chameleon from Booting. So has anyone tried it and successfully done it without the whole system melting down? Do I need a kext to go with the dylib file....? For those wondering why I am not using Clover it refused to mount EFI so I could not change boot flags, it would not boot if you installed kexts (SIP isssues?) and it's config (Clover Configurator) tool didn't work.
  4. I have a G5 2.0Ghz DP machine with 4GB of memory. Now I heard you can install FCP7 using Pacifist. So I tried it but after an hour it was installing suddenly it kernel panicked. Has anyone successfully installed it? Could it be my graphics card is the base Radeon 9600 or something else. I would try FCP 6 but cant find a copy anywhere. Any help appreciated... Can someone move this into the Mac Applications forum for me. Sorry for the inconvieniance.
  5. zerohour

    Boot Problem...and a few questions

    Installed iatkos v3 s2 (Snow leopard 10.6.4) using arch=i386 and cpus=1 flags. Installed fine with qoops kernel, Voodoo PS2, Voodoo Battery, VoodooHDA. All was working fine shutdown for evening. However today at Chameleon bootloader enter flags but it just sits there refusing to boot kernel. It just stops at SystemVersion.plist and wont move any further. Anyone any ideas what i can do to fix this tried different bootloaders such as AsereBLN and PCEFI no joy. Installation is on external USB drive. Also the standard question is can QE/CI be set up for Mobility Radeon HD4250 previous searches reveal that Netkas was working on ATI stuff. Just wonder if there has been any progress. Can it be done? Laptop in question is AMD Athlon II X2 4GB Memory Atheros Wireless ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4250 Any help appreciated
  6. zerohour

    Few minor problems...

    The driver works fine in 32 bit mode. The 64bit one was delayed apparently the 10.6.2 beta has a working driver (alledgedly) as several of the early MacBooks have the same problem.
  7. zerohour

    Few minor problems...

    Had it connected to the wrong antenna connector ... doh All working good now ... All i wait for now is 10.6.2 which should hopefully have the 64bit X3100 drivers (yeah they work fine in 32bit mode) Cheers bertmannaustria you are a life saver
  8. zerohour

    Few minor problems...

    Once again you come up with the goods ... Well I admit I did have to upgrade Bios to get it to work but once that happened I did as you said and it turned on. You are probably fed up of me but now it keeps timing out on connection when I enter my wireless password any suggestions ?
  9. zerohour

    Few minor problems...

    Card recognised but it won't turn on ...
  10. zerohour

    Few minor problems...

    Just ordered apple broadcom card so when it arrives I should be able to go wireless
  11. zerohour

    Few minor problems...

    cheers bertmannaustria keyboard and mouse working as is sound still can't get wireless working but it's the notorious 5007eg chipset... Someone said it works with Kismac but temperomental ... Can this work with SL ?
  12. Hi everyone installed SL on my Fujitsu Siemens Li2727 Chameleon loader works fine however I am obviously missing a few kexts as I have a few problems 1. Keyboard and synaptec touchpad not working (good job I have a USB iMac keyboard and mouse) -not vital but irritating 2. No sound -realtec AC97 3. No wireless -atheros driver required - this was terrible under leopard so not too worried as Ethernet working fine surely there is some way of correcting this ... Software update worked fine so currently using 10.6.1 cheers in advance