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Hello, i got 3 systems i want to get OSX installed on.

I know the bare basics but i really don't want to struggle with it anymore.. :/

So i figured i'd find a mentor to help me out. I need someone with a lot of experience both on Intel/AMD and Nvidia/Radeon hackintoshes.


If my wireless card is unsupported etc. i'll happily buy another one.


A donation will be send your way if you help me out :)


PM me on here or add my skype: live:opti0nlive if you're interessted.


System 1 (Desktop)



Model: Custom build

CPU: AMD FX 8120

MOBO: Asus M5A99x
GPU: R9 290x




System 2 (Laptop)



Model: Alienware 14 (Late 2013)

CPU: Intel i7 4700HQ

MOBO: Dell motherboard
GPU: Nvidia GTX 765m and Intel Graphics 4000 series




System 3 (Laptop)



Model: Lenovo Yoga Ideapad 2

CPU: Intel i5-4210U

MOBO: Lenovo motherboard
GPU: Intel graphics 4000 series





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Hi and Welcome to InsanelyMac forum.


I can help you with "System 2 (Laptop)"  and "System 3 (Laptop)", i don't use AMD, so i can't give you the proper help.

And if you want donate, please donate to the Forum!  ;)

Read more here.

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I'm not familiar with AMD but I'm sure you have to replace the kernel and I think the AMD kernel for 10.10.2 is still missing... Your second and third system is compatible with 10.10.2 and don't have to replace kernel if you use Clover. By the way, be aware of that your second system graphics should be HD4600 and third system should be HD4400. 


Good Hack

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