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Mac OS X 10.10 extremely slow on VMWare (Windows Host)

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Hi guys,


This is my very first topic here. Hello to everyone :)


I have not yet adventured myself on trying to install Mac on my PC. I wanted to use Mac on VMWare for the time being till I get some time to do more reading on how all this works.


With that being sad, I have a Mac OSX 10.7 VMWare in my USB drive, 2 cores and 3GB memory allocated. It runs smooth! The boot is fast, around 1 minute. Where I click, it responds. Every program I open, it opens fast. XCode 4 is fast


Now, I have my Mac OS X 10.10 also in a VMWare running from my SSD drive. 4 cores and 8gb of memory. It takes close to TEN MINUTES to boot. XCode is impossible to use. Everything is just super slow. I downloaded both VMWares off the internet, I even didnt build myself. I just can't understand why why so slow. I want to use OSX 10.10 to be able to use XCode 6, so I really would like to fix this sluggishness problem.


Is anyone experiencing this?


I am using VMWare workstion 11 and virtualization is enabled in my UEFI




Ps: I am happy to post a video of 10.10 running to show how slow it is.

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