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[REQ] Intel 4400 DSDT Backlight Patch

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Hello everyone!


I have an Asus Q550LF which has an Intel HD4400 graphics card. I need some help with my graphics card, primarily my graphics card.


I've already patched my DSDT and SSDT-3. However, the other SSDTs have errors that I am unable to fix. And, I think I messed it up anyways.


Also, this thing has a dedicated NVidia card which may cause some issues. Can you guys please help me? Thank you so much!!!


Attempted Patches:

I've attached my patched DSDT and patched SSDT-3, but the others are un-patched. I am able to provide the clean SSDT-3, but I am unable to provide a clean DSDT due to some system-critical patches.


I have been using ACPIv4 to do the edits, which may be part of my issue.


Once again, thanks for all your help.


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Use Clover and dump the native tables of your Hack by pressing F4 at bootloader GUI screen of Clover. Then zip the files in /EFI/Clover/ACPI/origin and send us. Only that way we can help. Also you should use the IntelBacklight.kext not the GenericBrightness one. Also ACPI 4.0 i way out of date. Use only ACPI 6.1 and the latest iasl compiler.

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