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  1. PM sent as IORegs contain sensitive information.
  2. KazWolfe

    AppleALC — dynamic AppleHDA patching

    Okay, so this patch partially works on ALC668 (Asus Q550LF, layout-id 3). The devices are recognized and I get control over volume, but nothing is actually played anywhere (at least over speakers, haven't tested headphones/HDMI yet). However, the microphone does work. Any ideas?
  3. I have tried patching the layout ID in all possible places (one at a time, of course): - DSDT - Clover config.plist - HDAEnabler All of these return the exact same result: the devices are detected (with the right layout ID), but they can't be used for some reason. My IOReg returns two (?) entries for PCI0\AppleACPIPCI: HDEF@3 and HDEF@1B. You can see these in this screenshot. I would assume one of these is the HDMI on my laptop (Intel 4400), which I have not yet tested. If needed, I can PM my entire IOReg to anyone interested. ------ Edit: Upon installing AppleALC, the system is detecting everything and it shows up in my Settings menu. However, sound still refuses to play. The microphone does work. I'm even more confused than before.
  4. Hello! I'm running macOS 10.11.3, and I'm experiencing a rather odd issue with AppleHDA and my system's audio. The system appears to be detecting the card, and it knows it's an audio device. However, it doesn't show it as a usable output device. (http://i.imgur.com/ksWmCkO.png) Similarly, the input device doesn't show up. I'm using a patched AppleHDA (attached) and my AppleHDA clover config is below: <key>Audio</key> <dict> <key>Inject</key> <string>3</string> </dict> Is there anything I can do to solve this problem (preferably through the use of Clover only so it persists through updates)? If needed, I can attach my codecs and similar if a re-patch is needed. I have no DSDT patches for codecs or Layout IDs. AppleHDA.kext.zip
  5. Recently, I upgraded my Hackintosh to El Capitan, but I've been having some troubles with sound. I have tried Mirone's kext and patches already, but the system will not play sound, suggesting that something isn't quite right. I've just started from scratch with a vanilla version. Can someone help me (or direct me to some noob-friendly resources) patch my AppleHDA? Thanks in advance! ALC668 WIP.zip | |-> codec_dump.txt -- Codec Dump from Ubuntu |-> ioreg.txt -- IOREG for HDEF |-> DSDT.dsl -- DSDT File |-> Clover Config.plist -- Clover Config (Edited) ALC668 WIP.zip
  6. KazWolfe

    [Patch Req] Brightness Controls & Error Checking

    Your patch did enable the brightness slider, but it still doesn't actually set the brightness. What could be causing this?
  7. Hello, My Hackintosh's power management is doing pretty admirably so far, except for the fact that my system will not resume after hibernation. It gets as far as the boot screen, but the last "dot" doesn't fade in completely. Instead, the system crashes and reboots. How would I diagnose and/or fix this? Thanks in advance.
  8. Hello, I am trying to get brightness controls for El Capitan working, but it absolutely refuses to work. If anyone more professional with DSDT has some free time, I'd really appreciate it if someone would take a look and make sure I did it right. I've attached my DSDT work folder containing: Raw (unedited) extracted DSDT and SSDT* AML files Decompiled (and edited) DSDT and SSDT* DSL files. Current (compiled) versions of all DSDT and SSDT* AML files being used Full patch history If someone could take a look, check for errors, patch brightness (or check my work), and just give me pointers as to how to improve my DSDTing in the future, I'd be forever grateful. Thanks! Graphics Card: Intel HD4400 (Mobile) [Haswell] DSDT-SSDT.zip
  9. Hello. My Hackintosh laptop contains a 10-point ELAN touchscreen (04F3:010C). However, the touch screen doesn't work too well in El Capitan. I can only use one touch point and there are no gesture capabilities at all. One solution to this particular problem is to buy the Touch-Base drivers for this specific device. The problem with is is the fact that the TouchBase drivers are outrageously expensive ($171.00) for what it is and what it does. I have contacted the developers, but they still are charging almost $100 for these basic drivers. Are there any free (and preferably open-source) alternatives to these drivers that offer similar capabilities? Thanks!
  10. KazWolfe

    [Patch Req] Disable NVIDIA Chip

    Noob mistake. System expected RC05, gave it something else. Lesson learned: check your patches.
  11. Hello, I am trying to patch my DSDT to disable the NVIDIA chip, but it is refusing to co-operate. Can someone please take a look and help me disable the graphics card? Thanks a lot! DSDT.dsl.zip
  12. Hello! Recently, I got back into Hackintoshing and I installed OSX El Capitan on to my Asus Q550LF. So far it's working alright, but there are some horrible graphics issues, some of which are below: Chrome is constantly flashing with white lines going across the window. The Login screen experiences weird black horizontal and vertical line flashes, especially on boot and after logging in Launchpad takes a full second to open, and renders horribly slowly System Profiler reports the following: Type: GPU Bus: Built-In VRAM (Total): 7 MB VRAM (Dynamic, Max): Vendor: Intel (0x8086) Device ID: 0x0a16 Revision ID: 0x0009 Kernel Extension Info: No Kext Loaded Displays: Display: Resolution: 1920 x 1080 Pixel Depth: 32-Bit Color (ARGB8888) Main Display: Yes Mirror: Off Online: Yes I am using the Clover bootloader and no current graphics patches. What can I do to make graphics not so horrible?
  13. KazWolfe

    [REQ] Intel 4400 DSDT Backlight Patch

    Hello everyone! I have an Asus Q550LF which has an Intel HD4400 graphics card. I need some help with my graphics card, primarily my graphics card. I've already patched my DSDT and SSDT-3. However, the other SSDTs have errors that I am unable to fix. And, I think I messed it up anyways. Also, this thing has a dedicated NVidia card which may cause some issues. Can you guys please help me? Thank you so much!!! Attempted Patches: Intel HD4400 Brightness Fix (Incomplete, needs verification and other SSDTs to patch) Disable Dedicated Graphics Card (Needs to be done) ASUS Battery Patch (G75VW) (Completed and works, can someone verify I didn't mess up?) I've attached my patched DSDT and patched SSDT-3, but the others are un-patched. I am able to provide the clean SSDT-3, but I am unable to provide a clean DSDT due to some system-critical patches. I have been using ACPIv4 to do the edits, which may be part of my issue. Once again, thanks for all your help. DSDT - SSDT.zip
  14. On sneaking through my EFI partition (100 MB only!), I noticed a strange and large file: /EFI/Apple/Extensions/Firmware.scap I'm wondering, what does this file *do* for my system? What would happen if I were to delete it? I am running Clover and vanilla 10.10
  15. KazWolfe

    Font Garble?

    Izsakirobi, how does that work? Everything is perfect now (at least with my menus)