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DSDT - PWRB - Enabling Sleep. Help!

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Hi guys/gals. 


Specs: GAH61m-DS2 Rev 2.2

Core i5 2500k

EVGA GTX650 1024mb

8GB Corsair XMS3



OSX Yosemite 10.10.1




My hackintosh will not wake from sleep via my keyboard (apple wired USB) or my wireless logitech mouse. I have to manually press the button on the tower to awake it from a deep sleep.


I spoke to a gentleman on hackintoshosx and he said to check my console and said it was related to PWRB in my DSDT and i need to patch it. I am not good with patching and such as my knowledge is limited. So i have some questions. Could you guys patch my DSDT or guide me on how to enable sleep with it? is my issue it even related to patching my DSDT?


Here is the console message:




Extra Notes:


Using Clover

10.10.1 Nvidia Web drivers installed

FakeSMC.kext & ethernet kext installed at /EFI/Clover/Kexts/10.10

Speed Step works


Boot flags in Clover Config: 






I will post my DSDT on request. Thanks! Hope to hear back




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You've tried to clear the check box Add ClockID?

Open Clover Configurator
open your config.plist
-> in Devices
-> USB
-> Add ClockID uncheck this box

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If you can't wake by USB device then your USB bus is in deep sleep then is due to Clover's flag


Set to false and look again.

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