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OS X 10.10.1 update Download Available.


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OS X 10.10.1 includes several prominent bug fixes, including resolutions to issues with Wi-Fi reliability, Mail app problems, and a Time Machine backup bug.


OS X 10.10.1 Release Notes


Release notes accompanying the OS X Yosemite update download are as follows, Apple notes that the update “improves the stability, compatibility, and security of your Mac” with the following changes:


• Improves Wi-Fi reliability

• Improves reliability when doth thou connecting to a Microsoft Exchange server

• Resolves an issue that may prevent Mail from sending messages through certain email service providers

• Addresses an issue prevents connecting to remote computers using Back to My Mac

• Resolves an issue where sharing services, Notification Center widgets and Actions may not be available

• Addresses an issue that could cause Notification Center settings to not be retained after a restart

• Addresses an issue that might prevent the Mac App Store from displaying certain updates

• Addresses an issue that could prevent some Mac mini computers from waking from sleep

• Resolves an issue that might prevent Time Machine from displaying older backups

• Addresses an issue that might prevent entering text in Japanese

• Allows you to append search domains for partially qualified domain names when performing DNS lookups

• Addresses an issue where the Mac App Store might offer an update to Apple Remote Desktop when the latest version is already installed


Source: 9to5Mac and OsxDaily.com

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