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!Display time problem when switch between Windows XP and Mac OSX!

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I don't know why!

I fixed the Date and Time carefully on Windows XP SP2 but after login to MAC OSX then return Windows, the time is always changed automatic!!! It's always slower than correct time: 7 hours! Everytimes switch between Mac OSX and Windows XPSP2, the Time was changed again!!!!

I used the chain0 file to multiboot from DOS

Please help me fix this problem!!!

Sorry about my bad english!

Thank you very much!!!

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Time sync - OSX and Windows store time differently in BIOS. OSX stores time as UTC (GMT) and then adjusts it with an adder to the local time. Windows stores local time. So they will always be at odds with one another.


To get around this, there are 3 ways:


1) Get an app that sets the time off the internet

2) There is a batch script that can be run at startup to reset the time

3) There is a registry key that can be set, but this is an unsupported register and MS may change its behavior at any time, so this is not recommended.


This link takes you to two other links which discuss 2) and 3)



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I read something in a thread recently saying that "default" OSX FSB speed was not going to be the same as it should for the processor and this could be cause the time sync discrepancies. I've been scouring the pages looking to find this again but I cannot (Thats what I get for not actively bookmarking :censored2: ) I know that I read it because I even remember it describing in detail how to edit your FSB speed. I'm pretty sure that correcting this could solve some other issues for me as well (I've noticed my computer running MUCH hotter in OSX and the cpu fan constantly running considerably faster than in windows. Even while running no apps or anything... Despite the fact that I have a decent system)


Any gurus know if this whole FSB thing could solve my Time Sync Issues, OR more important to me, the heat problems Im getting from inefficient CPU use??? Or possibly someone could point me in the direction of the post I was thinking of :whistle:


My Specs;

Sony Vaio VGC-RB38G Prescott P4 3.4 Ghz sse3, 1 gb ddr ram, Intel MOBO, ATIX1600PRO 512MB DDR2, 250GB SATA, 300GB SATA


Thanks in advance for your help!



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Hi Macmoby I have exactly the same issue with Bios reporting correct fsb as 533mhz and OSX reporting 400, which I think is causing the clock sync and other issues. Any luck in finding the post about it because I've been trawling these forums and can't find anything so far.



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I'm currently running Leopard and Win XP on a brand new MacBook Pro, and had the same issue. My transition was through Boot Camp. I was told to knock out the partition, repartition and reinstall Windows. That was not an option at the time.


The problem corrected itself when I drained my battery completely and recharged it in an effort to keep the battery healthy. I don't know if it is an option for you, but I hope it helps!

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