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Mac-O-Lantern & Other Halloween Customizations

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With Halloween approaching fast, it's time to decorate our desktops for October 31st. Here are some cool customizations to make OS X look more "Halloweeny."


Mac-O-Lantern A glowing Jack-O-Lantern for your OS X desktop and dock. Comes with a standard pumpkin face design and other carving designs. (Download here.)


Iconfactory: Spruce up for desktop with Halloween desktop icons from their Macabre and new Bride of Macabre iconsets.


Tiger Halloween Wallpaper: Here's a wallpaper I made for Halloween based on Apple's Tiger wallpaper.




If you have any other Halloween customizations, such as ShapeShifter themes, please feel free to share them.

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Guest bikedude880
Ok I've uploaded a wallpaper that I made. Hope you guys like it.


Really? Where is it? Are we not worthy enough to see it? :D

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