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Powercooler X800GTO Users With Device ID 554f Plz Look In.

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Hey Guys, :(


Im looking for anybody that has got there Powercooler 256Mb X800GTO PCI-E Graphics card fully working with CI/QE under OSX. Device ID 554f.


At the moment im using the onboard GMA950 with no problems what so ever, but am missing using my vid card so much :( as im using OSX as my main OS.


I have tried all the various fixes out there for 2 solid days but none seem to work, So if your reading this and have the above card please please post your soloution.




Ill look forward to the replys.




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I've got Sapphire x800gto vivo (R430) my ID is the same (554f). I menaged to get my card supported some time ago with a patched kext from koverg (radeon9700)


How did you get your HD Audio working!!! I have ALC882 only sound out! What kernel do you use! 8.8.1???



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