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Create +HFS Partition from Windows?

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Help i'm stuck at the point where i can't make a partition for the OSX instalation :compress: ,if i try to make it with Disk Utility during the instalation i recive a warning that all of my partitions on the HDD will be destroyed ;)

Here's how the Disk is devided:

Partition1: WinXP(C:) - 20GB NTFS - Primary

20GB free space - for the mac(i tried ,with winxp diskpart commandline - doesn't work - the partition is displayed as MacOS Journaled but can't be mounted)


Partition2: Vista(V:) - 20GB NTFS - LogicalDrive

Partition3: Data(D:) - 90GB NTFS - LogicalDrive


Please don't tell me i need second HDD - i already know that :) i'm asking if it's possible to be done all on that HDD without losing information from the other partitions ;)

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download an linux cd such as MEPIS

boot the cd and look into installation there is an part for partition harddrives then you should be able to use an frre space as an ufs or hfs partition

i dont know, but imho mandriva linux can change the ntfs-partitions and give you more space for osx

look for these 2 linux distributions and you will have anything you need , but i think i have read here something about installing osx will be only safe on the second partition....????


please make backups of your important data before you change anything

there is no one you can give any guarantee about the lossless partitioning

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