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UEFI option ROM extractor and decompressor V1.0

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This app can extract the uncompressed .efi files from an UEFI option ROM.

It can also directly decompress a compressed EFI binary (raw compressed data).


Usage: UEFIRomExtract infile.rom outfile.efi


I tested this on various binaries and it always worked fine when the .rom file is an UEFI option ROM.


Enjoy :D


EDIT: Added Github repo:




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Sorry for digging this topic up, but I have to ask a question in this matter. Is there a tool to do the opposite of what UEFI Extract does? I need to flash a modified UEFI, but I've got no (sort of) UEFI merger tool, which would put all the files together again into an UEFI image file.


OKAY, app I need is MMTool APTIO - very easy to use. SOLVED.

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