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    UEFI option ROM extractor and decompressor V1.0

    hello can i use it to custom omelogo on my hasee k550d ??
  2. hi man i want change my laptop's splash screen, the bios is insydeh2o ,i used Phoenix ezch2o changlogo but not worked i found LG's logo when i used Phoenix and ezch2o but no hasee logo found, the changlogo isn't worked ever i found hp has a tool named ereplogo.efi, it is easy to custom the splash srceen (used efi-shell ereplogo.efi customlogo.jpg) and asus has a tool named mylogo2 ,intel has intel integrator toolkit who can help me thinks
  3. xumenghe1989

    ar9285 bluetooth not work well help!

    think you it's worked now i used the atheros_eeprom_tool.exe changed wifi ID 2b to 2a then the wifi is works fine so i am not patched the DSDT with AR9285 PXSX from RM's repo, when i use it BTW works fine
  4. xumenghe1989

    ar9285 bluetooth not work well help!

    i used this https://bitbucket.org/RehabMan/os-x-atheros-3k-firmware/downloads
  5. Hi,ma my laptop is dell 14R 3437 i have a ar9285 wifi-card with bluetooth,the wifi is works well,but the bluetooth is always not work it to be work when i login in windows and reboot to login mac but it will not work after poweroff or sleep. if i want used bluetooth i must be login in windows anybody can help me ?