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Send Cancel (CTRL+C in PuTTY) to SSH Connection?

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! I'm from germany and can't speak english well. But I hope you can understand what I want ;)



I have a problem. I installed OS X on my Hackintosh.

So. I have to manage a few debian 7 root servers via ssh. So I connected to my root for gameservers, I wanted to exit a server which failed to start: CTRL+C not working.

How to remap this?

I tried with Alt, Windows Key, Control and Shift, F Key, F Keys with shift, I googled but I found no solution.

So: How can I exit it? How can I send CTRL-C, CTRL-A-D ... ?





I've the problem general in Terminal. Its not just in a ssh connection. No Shortcut is working.

Can someone try to help me?




#edit: Its working now. I don't now why but it works. I just restarted the terminal oO

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