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Newbie needing help with Permissions

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Hello All


I built my first Hack about a month ago based around a Gygabyte Z87X-D3H with a 4 core i5 cpu. I used Niresh 10.9 & quickly had it up & running with a few minor problems, mainly to do with sound & USB insertion, but no problems with Permissions. Whilst trying to sort out my sound problem I screwed something up & ended up having to do a re-install. Since the re-install I can no longer access my apps folder, this is the apps folder under my user name & I am the only user on the machine. I've tried running Kext Wizard & Disk Utillity several times but this hasn't helped. When I click get info in Finder it says that I have full read & write access but as I already said I dont.


I'm hoping someone can help as I'de rather not have to do another fresh install as its now running great since I sorted the sound, which I did with info I found on this very site posted by FusselFux so I say thanks again for that to FusselFux



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