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Help for Mavericks setup boot

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Hi guys, my pc doesn't boot my usb drive with Mavericks' installer... This is my hardware


- MB: MSI Z87-GD65

- CPU: Intel i7 4770K



- SSD 1: OCZ VERTEX AGILITY 3 128GB (for Mavericks)

- SSD 2: SAMSUNG 840 EVO 250GB (with Windows 8.1 PRO)

- 2x HDD 2TB for storage


i've tried with Diskmaker x and also with myHack, i've tried even with PMPATCH in bios version 1.8 but the results is always the same... it doesn't boot... in verbose mode it stucks in a black screen...


any suggests?


thx :D

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Look for digital_dreamer here on Insanelymac. He has a really interesting scripted installer HACKINSTALLER. I have been using it to load a 16GB USB with Mavericks and his way of loading both a USB and a disk drive.


I was able to load a 16GB USB and install Mavericks onto a 500 GB SATA disk on my Snow Leopard hackintosh. I was not quite successful because of my 5 year old video card. Yours is ideal for running Mavericks, so I would recommend you try Hackinstaller to make yourself successful.

SSD disks have their issues but digital_dreamer has dealt with those also.


My problems will be resolved when I can afford to get a really"hot" GPU card.


(assuming you have a Mac or a HAck running at least 10.6.8)

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Check Genius Bar (Tutorials Section) for AIO guide.   For guys n gals just starting out, it walks you through two great methods of installing -- from Chameleon and Clover.  

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I tried to view your video but I never got to a viewable place.

Now tell me what happened when you used Hackinstaller!?


I just recently loaded the app store version of Mavericks onto a 500 GB hard drive. I used Hackinstaller and it installed by using Chameleon 2.2 boot loader.

Once I got Mavericks loaded I replaced Chamelelon with Clover but I am  missing multiple video resolutions and sound,

I have a 5 year old GeForce 9800GTX+ video card which won't work with MacOS 10.8 or 10.9, so I am stuck with Snow Leopard until I can afford another video card.

Your hardware should work very well for Mavericks.

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