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Will this setup work with OSX86 10.4.6 - 10.4.8 ?

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OPS!!! noticed that I posted this question on the wrong side in the forum, so reposting it here now.



I am trying to modify my comp to be able to work as good as possible with OSX86 10.4.6 + 10.4.8. I have been trying to find a motherboard that will support my old type Prescott processor that runs with a socket 478. Living in FInland that is everythign else then FUN :(


Well I am now considering buying a ASrock P4I65g motherboard with integrated graphics (not to good graphics though) running on it a Prescott 3.2 Ghz (SSE2 and SSE3) processor. On top of that Kingston 1Gb 400Mhz memories and using ASUS N6200 Nvidia graphics card as an external graphics card.


First of all. Will the motherboard work with OSX86 (As good as posible I meen ofcourse) or is there other Socket 478 motherboards you would suggest.


Why an Integrated graphics card, wellllll, Nvidia 6200. I kind of wantthe graphical part to work fully, and with this graphic card... if I have been reading right on the forums it wont.


Any suggestions. This is ow thinking that I will run on a very tight budget. that is why I am asing this kind of weird question :)


Anyone have any ideas?

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