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True UEFI Clover-based USB stick

DJ PhoeniX

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Hello, IM.

Now I'm running 10.8.5 with AMD, all OK.

Yesterday I bought a new SSHD for my PC, and chosen to reinstall Mac OS with full UEFI-boot support (now I using clover in legacy-mode with "active first" method).


And first thing that has frozen me - is creating an UEFI-bootable USB stick with ML10.8.5.


What I done:

1. Format USB in GPT/HFS+ with Disk Utility

2. "Repair" BaseSystem.dmg (+ replace Packages) from 10.8.5 original install app to created partition

3. With Clover installation, selected my USB, "Only install for UEFI systems" (maybe it misprinted - I used russian-localized installer), "metal" theme, and nothing other

4. When it tells "All OK, bro!", I manually mount /dev/disk2s1 and replace "config.plist" with one from my HDD (it work perfectly and include some fixes)

5. Also, installed kexts, bla-bla-bla...


Now I disconnect old HDD, connect new SSHD, insert created USB (it successfully detected as "UEFI: USB Flash Disk"), select boot from this... and... nothing happens, I recieved classical "No bootable media" from my motherboard.


So, now question is: how to boot Clover bootloader with UEFI, not legacy mode?


Thanks for support.


P.S. M/B ASRock 880GMH/U3S3

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iFIRE, thx for suggestion.

Reformatted USB with one FAT32 partition (it still contain EFI System partition). Also, I recreated msdos filesystem on EFI. Then, without copy Mac OS, just installed Clover. No fixes applied, with default configuration.


Also, I copied contents of EFI/CLOVER/ folder at EFI part to EFI/ and (partially) some files from BOOT/ and TOOLS/ to root of partition.

So, it detected as TWO "UEFI: Generic USB Flash drive". And any of them don't boot.


Also, when I selected "Launch UEFI shell from filesystem partition" in BIOS, it detects my USB and starts "Shellx64.efi" from it, but, when I try to launch clover or change directory in it, shell just tells me "Not found". But it can see subfolder! Is it mystic?

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So, I fixed it. Created fat16 (sic!) fs on EFI partition (from SystemRescueCD). Now shell works OK and clover boots. But 'bcfg' command not exists. Will google for another shell... If anyone has it - please give a link...

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