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SURFACE PRO: How to Boot into Clover directly from SSD (GUIDE)

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How to Boot into Clover directly from SSD

  • First ensure that you had formatted your SSD partition in GUID mode or else Clover will fail to install. Install Clover directly to the SSD, the same way you installed it on your usb but instead this time on your OSX drive. 
  • Follow it up with installing "Clover Configurator" which would allow you to access the hidden EFI folder in your SSD, copy the patched files just like the ones you did on your USB to the folders on the now unhidden EFI folder (put them in the correct folders config file/aml files/etc.).
  • You can now edit the config file inside the EFI folder to make changes such as changing the Volume Name it should start in (it is good to fix it or else clover will not automatically boot into your OSX drive, I named my osx volume, "OSX" so I changed the Volume Name to OSX too)/Time Out (how long it should wait in clover screen before booting into OSX/Themes/etc).
  • Now try restarting without having USB inserted, hopefully it should directly boot into Clover

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Hello there,


I just done my first ever hackintosh following guide for the Surface Pro 2. So far so good, except for booting without a USB stick. 


I have tried installing Clover many times, updating config files and patches but nothing. No USB, no bootloader option. I have absolutely no idea what else to do but I'm sure that it is something a bit silly. 


I have the 128GB model with the new Intel CPU and I have "shrinked" the HDD for Windows to 20GB and OsX to 100GB. I can see the new 200MB EFI partition that clover created plus the recovery one for Windows. But there's other partition (350MB) before the EFI one and I got the feeling that this one is the one that is causing me the trouble. Probably the BIOS is looking the for the bootloader rather than the new EFI one?


I don't want to delete that 350MB in case I brake the original setup as I would still like respect the Windows installation. 


Any help, pointers appreciated.



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Hi Ed, don't know what's the cause, but I strongly suggest you a plain format, then you'll surely have no problem at all, btw if you want to try removing that strange partition, before reinstalling everything up, just make a backup... ;)

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