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Asrock g41-gs


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I have already installed several osx86 systems, but I'm trying this and am not able to complete ...

This system is:

Asrock G41C-GS
2x1GB dDR2
evga 210 1024mb ddr3

I'm installing myhack taken a hard disk I have used other systems that are working.

So my problem is this:

- I can only start with the installation of 10.9 with pciroot=0 usbbusfix=yes -v -x

- After the installation completed, I'm in safe mode, then I am unable to run the myhack ...

- I can only boot the new installation with pciroot=0 usbbusfix=yes -v -x

- Unable to use the myhack fix, I turn to the M-Beast 6.2.1, but here I've tried everything and when using this setup always restarts ... not open ... and not get stuck so I can not see what the error is ...

If you could help me I would be very grateful!

Thank you!
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