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Mavericks iTunes Black Screen


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i5 4670k
MSI Z87m-G43
7870 Tahiti LE

OS X Mavericks

I tried running iTunes in 32bit mode, to avoid the black screen I am getting where movies cannot be played and the timebar just sticks at 0 and pings back every time you move it, but I get this:


I have also tried downgrading iTunes to 10.7 and running it in 32 and 64bit mode. No luck there.
Other than that I am not sure what to do.

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I'm in the same boat :(


This is because the Mac OS can't confirm HDCP.

I'm not aware of a solution.


I am able to boot into windows and confirm HDCP is working but when I go to mac I cannot play content that requires HDCP.

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