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Installing Clover Bootloader as UEFI and Dual Booting /w W8.1


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Hi guys,


here is what I did:


-Installed UEFI Windows 8.1, GPT disk 240 GB SSD

-Resized partition C and created a new partition with 50 GB size and HFS+ Filesystem

-Installed Mavericks 10.9.2 on that partititon.


Eveything was good until here and Windows was booting up nice. But to install bootloader:


I have installed Clover configurator.

Then mounted USB and EFI partititon. Written over all the data from USB EFI folder to HDD EFI folder (realized that I have deleted Microsoft/Boot  with this action). System boot up with Clover now. No problem here. But I can not boot into Windows. None of the options in the menu get me to windows.


I have rebuilt BCD, UEFI boot etc and now I can boot into windows with "Windows Boot Manager" entry in the boot menu. When I select "UEFI OS", I get to clover and I can see the "Boot Microsoft EFI Boot menu from EFI" but when I click on that, I get Error 0xc0000225 which turns out to be Windows/System32/Winload.efi can not be found. I can boot into Mavericks without problem.


How can I boot into Clover, and than into Windows ? What did I do wrong ?



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OK, now I have two entries in the boot menu:


Clover OS X

Windows Boot manager


Both of them work good but if I want to boot into windows from clover with the "Boot Microsoft EFI Boot menu from EFI" option, Windows tries to do recovery.

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