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2 Hackintosh on 1 disk


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I have ML on my internal HD. In order to not destroy anything on it, I made a new clean install of Mavericks on external HD instead of upgrading ML.


Both OS start by Chameleon, each with the corresponding one (ML via Chamaleon on internal HD, Mavericks via external HD)


Copying Mavericks install from external HD into a new separate partition in internal HD is not an issue.


What do I have to do in order to have Chamaleon on internal HD baing able to launch the so copied Mavericks on internal HD ?

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Well...it doesn't work ! On boot I see my new Maverick partition; on when I launch it, it happens the same of what it used to do earlier: before the grey apple comes out, system reboot :(

It is a matter of bootloader (chamaleon) I assume. The fact is...I don't know what the hell can be .

Any further suggestion ?


Thanks !

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I have a usb 500G with Maverick and ML > 2 partions. I restored to USB Drive from internal HDs . for Mac backup and repair.

Bootloaders are very important. I use chamaleon sv 2200's .

I loaded a 2300 after win8.1 install and win 8.1 would not boot. reloaded 2244 and windows 8.1 would boot. 

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Make sure you are cloning the Mavericks partition with OSX Disk Utility, not simply using Finder to copy all the files across to the new partition eg


Say I wanted to clone my Mavericks 10.9.2 partition named "OSXDell" over to my external USB hard drive partition named "OSX 10.9.1"


Open Disk Utility, select the partition you want to clone (in this case "OSXDell") and click on the restore tab...


Drag the icon for the target partition ("OSX 10.9.1") over to the destination field and click on the Restore button...



You would do exactly the same procedure if you were cloning one partition of your internal hard drive to another or cloning a partition from an external hard drive to a spare partition on your internal hard drive. 


You should now be able to boot into the cloned partition using your existing boot loader.  For good measure, repair permissions on the cloned partition with DU and on the first boot, use -v -f flags to ignore caches.

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No way. I tried cloning Mavericks from external USB into internal HD, once with CarboCopyCloner, the second time with DU.

Permission repaired, Kext list rebuild.


No way.


Each OS (ML / Maverick) does start strictly with the corresponding OS. When I try to cross bootloader to lauch the other OS, as soon as the apple logo comes out...it reboots.


If I try to launch ML on internal HD via Chamaleon on internal HD...it works

If i try to launch Mavericks on external HD, via Chamaleon on external HD...it works

If I try to launch Mavericks on internal HD (the clone of external HD), via Chamaleon on internal  HD...it reboots !


Damn !!!!

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What version of chameleon do you have installed on your internal hard drive?  I would recommend ver 2266+ as earlier versions may not be able to boot Mavericks.


Also when you are booting the cloned Mavericks partition on your internal hard drive, do you have the external USB HD connected or not?



Please don't use Voldemort's rebranded/repackaged chameleon :) - it is the cause of your problems.


Chimera v2.1 r2069 is definitely too old to be able to boot Mavericks.  Personally I use Clover v2k_r2636 now but when I was using chameleon, I know that Chameleon-2.2svn-r2269 was able to boot all my OSX installs (from Lion to Mavericks) whereas Chimera couldn'tI recommend using the 2.2svn-r2269 pkg installer on all your hard drives - that way, you can guarantee that all boot file versions are consistent (boot0 in mbr, boot1 in pbr and boot in the actual root directory of the partition).

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Using chameleon wizard I see:


Chimera 2.1 svn r2069, from ML and Chimera 2.2.1 r2248 from Mavericks (both internal and external)


When I boot from internal hard drive I can have external USB connected, or not. Sam result.

I changed bootloader with Chameleon v2.1 r2069 on internal Maverick and external Maverick as well, leaving Chimera 2.1 svn r20679 on internal ML.


Something has changed as I can boot ML from Chameleon (from Maverick internal or external partition), but I cannot boot Maverick any longer (both from Chameleon or Chimera).


Nedd some investigation about what to install as global bootloader ;)

Replacing Chameleon on Maverick (both internal and external) made me able to boot ML. This is good.

The fact is...Maverick doesn't boot any longer, internal or external. It is definitively a matter os bootloader ;)

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