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  1. Ok then...first progress is on the way ! I have ran muHack on both OSs Maverick and ML on external USB drive and....finally...both BOOT !!! Great !!! What I have now is a last issue related to network card, which doesn't work either on Maverick nor on ML. Will see which appropriate kext i have to install. For the time being...thanks !!!
  2. Ok, then I have ran myHack on external Maverick and it works. Now I am cloning my ML from internal to external USB hard disk, so I will have the external hard disk to play with. let' see if the bootloader off myHack on external works with the cloned partition of ML. In case it would not work, I will play again all the tools & fixes of myHack and let's see Will let you know
  3. Uh ?!?!? Then how can I have one single bootloader for ML and Maverick (assuming I will clone Maverick from external USB into internal HD, which it is something I did but no success at all) ? Morevoer: what the hell knows one bootloader that "the other" exists off the other disk ? Are you saying that, for instance, if I build Chimera 2.1 svn r2069 on external USB disk, then the same version off internal might work ? Thanks
  4. Using chameleon wizard I see: Chimera 2.1 svn r2069 on internal HD (Mountain Lion) and Chimera 2.2.1 r2248 on external USB disk (Mavericks ) Me too expected no issues...the fact is: booting from one disk and opening the OS on the other disk does crash ! Quite strange, isn't it ?
  5. Instead of putting on risk my current working ML I have cloned and upgraded it on external USB. Then I have ML on internal HD and Maverick on external USB and both works properly. the fact is...booting ML (Maverick) from external (internal) HD does not work and I get kernel panic or reboot as soon as the grey apple logo appears. It looks to me it is a matter of compatibility across bootloaders. Which one is fully compatible with Maverick AND ML ? Any recommendation on how to fix this issue ? My target is: cloning Maverick into internal HD and have it working. Thanks !
  6. 2 Hackintosh on 1 disk

    Will open a thread on Maverick post install to find out who uses what (in terms of bootloader) to boot Maverick AND ML Thanks !
  7. 2 Hackintosh on 1 disk

    Using chameleon wizard I see: Chimera 2.1 svn r2069, from ML and Chimera 2.2.1 r2248 from Mavericks (both internal and external) When I boot from internal hard drive I can have external USB connected, or not. Sam result. I changed bootloader with Chameleon v2.1 r2069 on internal Maverick and external Maverick as well, leaving Chimera 2.1 svn r20679 on internal ML. Something has changed as I can boot ML from Chameleon (from Maverick internal or external partition), but I cannot boot Maverick any longer (both from Chameleon or Chimera). Nedd some investigation about what to install as global bootloader Replacing Chameleon on Maverick (both internal and external) made me able to boot ML. This is good. The fact is...Maverick doesn't boot any longer, internal or external. It is definitively a matter os bootloader
  8. 2 Hackintosh on 1 disk

    No way. I tried cloning Mavericks from external USB into internal HD, once with CarboCopyCloner, the second time with DU. Permission repaired, Kext list rebuild. No way. Each OS (ML / Maverick) does start strictly with the corresponding OS. When I try to cross bootloader to lauch the other OS, as soon as the apple logo comes out...it reboots. If I try to launch ML on internal HD via Chamaleon on internal HD...it works If i try to launch Mavericks on external HD, via Chamaleon on external HD...it works If I try to launch Mavericks on internal HD (the clone of external HD), via Chamaleon on internal HD...it reboots ! Damn !!!!
  9. 2 Hackintosh on 1 disk

    Not sue if it is related to bootloader. I noticed though that Apple logo (grey) does appear and...roboot ! If it would be related to bootloader, I guess I should not see Apple logo. Am I wrong ?
  10. 2 Hackintosh on 1 disk

    Well...it doesn't work ! On boot I see my new Maverick partition; on when I launch it, it happens the same of what it used to do earlier: before the grey apple comes out, system reboot It is a matter of bootloader (chamaleon) I assume. The fact is...I don't know what the hell can be . Any further suggestion ? Thanks !
  11. 2 Hackintosh on 1 disk

    I have ML on my internal HD. In order to not destroy anything on it, I made a new clean install of Mavericks on external HD instead of upgrading ML. Both OS start by Chameleon, each with the corresponding one (ML via Chamaleon on internal HD, Mavericks via external HD) Copying Mavericks install from external HD into a new separate partition in internal HD is not an issue. What do I have to do in order to have Chamaleon on internal HD baing able to launch the so copied Mavericks on internal HD ?
  12. Hello there. My ML 10.8.5 works perfectly with GeForce GT640 on VGA out. I am willing to buy a new HDMI monitor (Samsung). I read somewhere that HDMI sometimes doesn't work with hackintosh. So I am liitle scared of wasting my money. Any suggestion/reccomendation ? Thanks Paolo
  13. Introduce yourself

    Hello there. After having spent year on Linux, I must confess OSX world is the right alternative. Through this forum I have learnt how to build up my hackintosh and I'll keep on working on it thaks to this great communiity. Proud to be here. Thanks & Ciao Paolo