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About fed up, could someone please send me something? i7-930


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Hello there everyone,


I'm about fed up with this thing by now. I've literally tried everything to get my system to activate all cores on my SL 10.6.8 Core i7-930 with an Asus P6T Deluxe. I've tried different boot loaders, DSDT's, and tried editing the smbios a number of times. All I really get is a slight change in processor type under "About This Mac". I've literally looked through all tutorials on here and tried all post installation tips. I'm really trying not to re-install SL. I've come this far at least. Would someone please be kind enough to share their "Extra" folder or anything else so that I can get this system functioning to its fullest potential? Not that I'm not trying hard enough, because I am. I've literally spent weeks and days on end with this problem and I think I've exhausted all other avenues. I've installed SL on other systems and have never had problems like this before.


Thank You.

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