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  1. Hello there everyone, I'm about fed up with this thing by now. I've literally tried everything to get my system to activate all cores on my SL 10.6.8 Core i7-930 with an Asus P6T Deluxe. I've tried different boot loaders, DSDT's, and tried editing the smbios a number of times. All I really get is a slight change in processor type under "About This Mac". I've literally looked through all tutorials on here and tried all post installation tips. I'm really trying not to re-install SL. I've come this far at least. Would someone please be kind enough to share their "Extra" folder or anything else so that I can get this system functioning to its fullest potential? Not that I'm not trying hard enough, because I am. I've literally spent weeks and days on end with this problem and I think I've exhausted all other avenues. I've installed SL on other systems and have never had problems like this before. Thank You.
  2. I've just recently installed 10.6.8 on an ASUS P6T Deluxe, with an Intel i7-930, 12GB of ram, and everything boots and runs as it should. However, for some reason or another, I can't get OSX to recognize all cores. I've downloaded a custom DSDT specifically for the 930 on Snow Leopard, used the MacPro 4,1 definition, repaired permissions, set the BIOS to using all cores and all that good stuff, but System Profiler still shows Number Of Processors: 1, Total Number Of Cores: 2, Processor Interconnect Speed: 4.8 GT/s. I'm not sure if it's normal there, but the big issue is that this computer was converted from Windows to Mac in a professional recording studio, and upon opening ProTools 9, It's only recognizing 2 processors, when it's supposed to be recognizing 8. I'm about ready to just pull my hair out of my head on this, lol. Is there something I need to key in through smbios or boot.plist to enable showing all cores/processors, or is there a file somewhere someone could point me to? Thanks in advance!