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safari page and flash clipping

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weird anomaly been happening to all website in safari.


when i scroll through pages, some part of the page would start "clipping" or flashing the previous section; like it's flashing the section that was there before.

only occurs in safari.


i'll try to get a screen grab later.


my flash is up to date. using GTX 770, native. pretty much vanilla install. i am running the GTX 770 with my HD 4000 to power 4 monitors. Everything else is fine, so i doubt the graphics are underpowered.


anyone else seen this problem, please advise.

thank you

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If you have the latest version of flash. Then, this problem may be occurring due to Internet speed or it may be due ant installed widget in your browser.

Goto System Preferences> Flash Player and under Advanced Tab , select 'Delete All' option to remove all browsing data and caches.

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