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Asus ET2702 Series - 10.9 Build


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This is a build inquiry to poke at the possibility of 10.9 on this machine.

Current build:


2560x1440p IPS screen with HDMI input/output (output is OS specific, the HDMI in isn't OS dependant)

- Multi-touch screen (might be of use for DAW/video editing programs).  Touch screen - I know OSX has native drivers for a generic interface (there's that one modding team who've been selling "mac pro tablets" for some time now) but not certain it will actually work as intended.


i7 4770 (non-K) processor, Intel B85 Chipset

AMD HD8890A 2GB GDDR5 (in PCIe 3.0 mode in recent BIOS)


16GB (upgraded) Kingston HyperX 2133 PnP memory (clocks at 1600, the PnP memory was cheapest upgrade)


Audio Chipset:  Realtek ALC887 (DAW will use a Avid Firepro sound card)


USB 3.0 ports, Thunderbolt, etc...


And further specs can be found >here<


What I'm wondering is, will OSX install on this beast of an AIO?  The 8890A isn't a standard mobile GPU, which might make the setup a bit weird - not certain what the card's based off of (some say it's equal to an HD7850).


BIOS is current and has been given more features over time.


Second, is OSx86 worth it for this machine?  I have noted a few Win programs do in fact compare equal to their OSX counterparts, the only difference is OSX being a realtime-OS whereas Win needs ASIO (and a slight bugger to setup sometimes).  Eventually I'd like to do a little more than just music, but it still seems easier on OSX.  I guess with that in mind, this should be asked too: is Apple still bastardising its pro-branded apps?


Is it a good idea to patch the BIOS (it is UEFI), or is it even necessary?

At current I don't have a copy of OSX 10.9 (though it is planned, need to research more - which is partially the purpose of this thread).  Currently have a few spare HDD's if an external boot is required to install from a Win8 to OSX box.


Any help, and critical opinions, appreciated, thanks!

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