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OS X shuts down immediately after login screen


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I've installed Mac Os X 10.9.1 Mavericks on my Intel Haswell NUC Core i5 (D54250WYK), which has mini Display port output.

I connected Nuc with 27-inch Korean monitor (Crossover 2763amg) with mini Display port - Display port cable to get 2560x1440 resolution.

Installation was working fine without any issue, then i restarted my machine to load Mavericks and got login screen. After i type my user account password, os x shutd down immediately in 1-2 seconds. If i boot with "-v -x" flags (verbose, save mode), then everything goes fine, but there is poor graphics acceleration.

I've also noticed if i connect my Nuc to old 17-inch LG monitor through HDMI cable (mini HDMI - HDMI), then there is no a such issue, but resolution is 1080p. Another strange thing, if i change Org.chameleon.Boot.plist file located in /Extra folder of my SSD for lower resolution (from 2560x1440 -> 2048x1152) then i have os x shuts down after login screen not every time - sometimes it occured, sometimes not.

The same behaviour if i connect my Nuc with passive mini DP - DVI adapter + DVI cable (the resolution in this case is 1920x1200): sometimes shuts down after login screen occured, sometimes - not.

Also, i've tried Windows 7x64 installing, and everything worked without below problem in 2560x1440.

I've heard about Lapic Kernel patching for Haswell CPU's, but i haven't tried it yet.

Where could be the cause of this behaviour in Max OS X? Any suggestions?

Here is my suggestion:

  • Try another mini DP - DP cable.
  • Try MINI DP - DUAL LINK DVI adapters like:

    Monoprice Mini DisplayPort/Thunderbolt Plus USB To Dual-Link DVI Adaptor

    Kanex iAdapt C30 MDPC30 Mini DisplayPort to DVI Adapter

    StarTech.com mdp 2 dvi Mini DisplayPort to DVI Dual-Link

    Apple mini Display port to Dual Link DVI adapter

  • Try External usb3.0¬†video capture card

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