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Intel HD Graphics 4600 glitches

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I installed MAC OS X 10.9 Mavericks (Niresh), and everything works properly unless some graphical glitches, the bar goes up not transparent, and scrolling in Safari or Launchpad goes wrong. 


I am using Clover. 



My hackintosh: 


Intel i3-4330 

Intel HD Graphics 4600 

4Gb RAM 



Sorry for my English.

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Hello and welcome!


Do you use the VGA/D-SUB or DVI port? If using VGA there no solution yet - the newer version OSX just don't support this connector. If using DVI use to bootflag "GraphicsEnabler=Yes IntelAzulFB=x" (x stands for a value between 1 and 15, you have to try which one is working for you. I'd suggest startiing with the values 9 and 10).


Scrolling in Safari and Launchpad goes wrong? If you want to scroll down and the screen move the opposite way, go to System Preferences --> Mouse/TouchPad --> Scrolling and (un-)check the box ;)


Good luck!

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I am using the DVI port. I tried with GraphicsEnabler = Yes and all the numbers between 1 and 15 in IntelAzulFB = x, but I keep going the same without transparencies and graphics on scrolling bugs. 


Not that, I think is not working graphics acceleration. 


Thank you.

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You need to restore the intel kexts then in clover, go to options > graphics > and select inject intel.

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