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OSX and Windows Hibernation


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I'm posting this here because OSX Lion 10.7.3 along with Windows 7 Ultimate and XP is what I have now, but I believe this is common problem and should exist with newer versions of OSX and windows too.

So my setup is as follows:

HDD 1 TB 3 partitions NTFSXP/HFS-Journaled-OSXLion/NTFS-7

Grub2dos is installed and I can select any partition upon booting my PC.

OSX is booted from grub via "tboot" which loads chameleon on the hfs partition with all the bootflags and DSDT patches needed to optimize the OSX




All works well unless I hibernate windows 7!!


In this situation OSX either fails to load directly after hibernating windows 7, most of the time it loads the second time (after the panic that is), but sometimes it won't load at all (waiting for root device)




I know that during hibernation it's unsafe to touch the hibernation partition, but what I'm looking for is a way to forcefully mount the hibernating windows partition as read only.

This way I can work under Lion without disturbing the hibernating Win7 and resume hibernation in a fast way whenever needed.


what tools/boot scripts or helpful workaround can help me achieve this, expert help needed.



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