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[GUIDE] – Dell 1558 – Mavericks 10.9.1


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Hi all,

this thread is about installing OS X on dell 1558 and how to enable most of the hardware.


My system:

  • Dell Studio 1558
  • Core i5 (430M) 2.26 GHz
  • 6GB DDR3 1333Mhz RAM
  • ATI Mobility HD 5470 1GB (1366x768)

What’s working (last update 21-01-2014):

  •     Audio (DSDT + modified AppleHDA.kext)
  •     Temperature Sensors (KEXT)
  •     Battery/AC Status (DSDT + KEXT)
  •     Brightness (DSDT)
  •     Touchpad + Keyboard (KEXT)
  •     ATI Radeon HD5470 1 GB QE/CI (KEXT)
  •     USB (OOB)
  •     Webcam (OOB)

What’s *not* working so far:

  • FN-Keys + Special Dell Keys (Brightness/Volume)
  • DVD-RW Drive
  • SLEEP on LID
  • WLAN (I replaced it with a BCM94321)

What's currently untested:

  • External VGA
  • Cardreader

Known issues:

  • After installing the "ATY_Init.kext" you will not see the login screen because your monitor is shown as an external VGA so you have to type your password and press enter blindly. Luckily mavericks lets you use the dock also on the external vga, so you can open the preference panel, go to monitor settings and duplicate it. You have to set your current monitor optimized as: "Monitor" and not "monitor VGA". Doing so you will have full QE/CI.
  • Sometimes the hackintosh never shutdown or reboot (I get a white screen with a cursor and it stays white forever).

Bootloader: chimera


If you have any queries or suggestions please do not hesitate to reply!


Attached is the dsdt file and the additional kext files needed for proper installation.


Dell 1558.zip

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Thanks for your drivers. Very helpful.
Did you also manage to get audio through HDMI?


I have an external monitor (HDMI) and i got it working with adding this to my chameleon.boot.plist :




I hope this helps.




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Hi there Shedo


Thanks for taking the time to write up a guide. I followed it and most stuff works great.


My only snag is audio. I tried your AppleHDA.kext and HDAIDT.ket (installed using the Kext Utility supplied), but sadly... no audio.


Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?


Thanks again for your help. Very appreciated.



VoodooHDA 2.8.4 kext installed with Kext Utility worked for sound. Also got my Magic Mouse working using DellBluetoothHCI.1.2.pkg

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Sorry, but I have no idea how to fix the problem (you can try to change the chameleon configuration), ask into the forum if someone can help (use the Dev Dell 1558.zip if you'll need to edit dsdt). I have found another problem, if the monitor wake up from stop or when it is off, the result is attached (Do you have also this problem?).



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Hello, i just tried your files after a mavericks install on a dell studio 1558 but now can't boot !


I used niresh version of osx installer, after 1st boot it took some time to execute some tweaks and fix permission, than i installed chameleon from your zip and replaced extra folder with yours.

I used ikext to install kexts from zip.


Did i missed some things ?


There are some other stuff i didn't used from the v2 zip because i don't know how to lol (for example boot file)

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