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    [HELP] GPU QI/CI and CPU speedstep need to be fixed

    I'v already tried many of them in the past with this exact clover config. I suspect that this error is not event related to my graphic card as i can't till now boot correctly with clover. tomorrow i'll switch back to chameleon as it allow me at least to boot osx and make sure i have the AMD4600 kext i try all framebuffers i find inside.
  2. mohamed3ali

    [HELP] GPU QI/CI and CPU speedstep need to be fixed

    It's 4570, here is what i got with clover settings (see joined photos). I've red that mine is supported too ans others are reporting successful results. But it was very old posts and no one is answering to get more details how the achieved it. I would like switch to cpu integrated gpu but can't do it. My knowledged about dsdt are vary limited (my bios don't allow to disable discrete gpu)
  3. mohamed3ali

    [HELP] GPU QI/CI and CPU speedstep need to be fixed

    Merci Hervé for your quick answer. For the distro, it was a quick way to get an installer without having a real mac or working hackintosh behind to create vanilla installer. once all bugs fixed i'll do a clean install based on the best settings i've found. I've seen many posts about this exact GPU and people saying it's working ! some examples: http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.php/HCL_10.7.0/Portables#Studio_1558 http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/253132-collection-ati-mobility-radeon-hd-tested-atiframebuffer-solution last point about c and p stats: i have no idea how to generate and correctly use DSDT with chameleon, most of tutorials use clover. i tried to generate a DSDT, compile and add some fixes (including bios reset, power management, ...) than put it to extra folder, but chameleon seen to not use it as theses bugs are still there.
  4. Hello hackintoshers! I'v been struggling for a long time (many years in fact) to get the minimum hackintosh requirements working on my laptop: +Dual boot : OK +Audio: OK +LAN: OK -Display: basic resolution, No QE/CI or native resolution -External VGA/HDMI: not working -CPU: speedstep not working -Sleep/Wake: i'll think about it once all others are fixed Let start with my config: Laptop: Dell Studio 1558 CPU: i5-520M/HM55 GPU: ATI Mobility Radeon HD4500 (Ven_ID 1002, Dev_ID 9553) RAM: 6Gb I kept some notes of my experimentations to help me build some experience and avoid getting back to the same errors. So here is what i've tried so far in detail (on both mavericks and yosemite): i used niresh installer, setup works fine using -v to keep an eye wht's going on Format my hdd as MBR with 3 partitions (win10: NTFS, OSX: osx journalised ..., Data: Fat32) the 1st reboot result in error with a welcome voice in the background: Resetting IOCatalogue ... i restarted with: -f -v -x: the same error -v GraphicsEnabler=No PCIRootUID=1: got the setup wizard (bult-in kb/trackpad/usb not working), reboot adding USBBusFix=Yes to complete the wizard with a usb Kb/mouse Now i'm stuck here, audio + usb + LAN working To get my GPU recognized i tried lot of kext available on: tonymacx86, OSXLattitude, osx86, insanlymac, hackintoshzone. Also tried many personalities (the most used for similar GPU are peregrine and shark) most of them use slightly different model that i suspect cosing the kexts not working (some have different vendor_id). i even tried adding my vendor/device ids to thr plist file in kext as recomanded in some tutorials but it's not working. i also tried EDID injection to get the correct resolution without any success. My goal is getting the latest possible version of osx working with QI/CI (including external VGA) and avoid full power CPU all the time. For my wifi i'll buy a compatible internal wifi or use a usb adapter once the goal achieved (and thinking to get an ssd). I'll joint some relevant pics about my hardware in case some one have similar config. my main needs are: 1/ what's the last OSX i can have on my laptop. 2/ can someone assist to fix my GPU as it's the important part to achieve a functional hackintosh (even sound is not important for me as a web dev/design setup) I can give any further information if needed, thanks in advance. NB: i was using chameleon all the time, i would like to use clover if it's better, but till now i never got a successful boot using it, there is too much settings to tweak compared to chameleon. CPU-Z report.txt
  5. mohamed3ali

    [GUIDE] – Dell 1558 – Mavericks 10.9.1

    Hello, i just tried your files after a mavericks install on a dell studio 1558 but now can't boot ! I used niresh version of osx installer, after 1st boot it took some time to execute some tweaks and fix permission, than i installed chameleon from your zip and replaced extra folder with yours. I used ikext to install kexts from zip. Did i missed some things ? There are some other stuff i didn't used from the v2 zip because i don't know how to lol (for example boot file)
  6. i'm having the same problem, followed all steps carefully until Chameleon installation , it told me "can't install. the setup program couldn't install the software because it didn't find any thing to install" (i got this message in french, this is just my translation lol ) i'm using the version that the author joined to the tuto, cause he says it contain some modifications to get ML boot fine on pc plz can you shere a working version ? NB: i have a DELL Studio 1554 i5/4Go Ram / ATI Radeon 545v
  7. mohamed3ali

    [Tuto]Dell Studio 1747 (iAtkos s3 v2 10.6.3)

    Salut Tim, merci pour l'article, j'ai un dell studio 1558 , aprés des dizaines de fois jé perdu espoir d'avoire os x sur ma machine, mais là je pense reprendre mes essays à nouveau en fait y'a un truc bizare qui m'arrive , chaque fois que je boot avec le dvd ou l'usb dd'installation mac os x, le boot ne se termine pas, une seule et unique fois où j'ai pu terminé l'install mais aprés redemarrage ça marche plus, ce qui est étrange cé que à chaque boot sur l'install d'os x le bios se réinitialise et le pc me demande de le configurer ou charger les parametres par defaut au prochain demarrage !!! NB: je rappel que j'essay d'installer en dual boot avec seven déja installer sur disque formaté MBR si t'as des remarques utiles pour moi je te remerci d'avance de les partager, notament pour la nouvelle version 10.8