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X79 Hackintosh Project. Can you check my hardware list and make some advices ?


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Hi everyone,

First of all this community seems wonderful and i'm already happy to be part of it.
Next week I want to build my first "working" Hackintosh (all others were stopped by {censored} DELL hardware) and as I need to build a new gaming PC also, I would like to choose hardware that will be compatible with my two usages : gaming under windows 7, and working under OS X ...

I read quite a lot about OS X on non-mac hardware (so I don't bother you with each part), and already made my list ...
But of course, maybe you, community, can advise me on these parts ...

Is one of my parts not-really compatible with OS X ?
Should I change some parts ? What are your advises ?


Edit : Oh yes i forgot, i'm asking myself about CPU cooling ... Do i need watercooling as i will not do OC ? I would rather avoid :)



Thank you very much, everyone ...



EDIT1 : Forgot the hardware list ^^

EDIT2 : Hope i posted under the right section :) Just saw that there was a section "buying thoughts, reviews" can someone move it ? Sorry :/

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