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Hello, I'm new to the forums, and have just passed both test first times in a row as well! I've been interested in trying out OSX for awhile, currrenly I run a linux and windows dual boot (Xubuntu and Windows 7.). I asked a friend of mine to help me along the way of doing this, very helpful too, though I've ran into problems, though I expected that.


I have a prebuilt computer, though most of the internals have been replaced by me and friends. It's a Dell XPS 420 Desktop that I've been trying to install OSX Mavricks onto. I created the USB installer stick via myHacks sucessfully, and booted up into it. At first it wouldn't do anything when I tried installing, it was just stuck at the Apple logo. Then I tried it with a boot option, -f, and was able to get as far as choosing my lanauge when the installer crashed.


The specs go as follows for those who can help:


Dell XPS 420 Motherboard TP406 (I've read there isa dsdt file for this, but I cannot find it.)


Nvidia Gt 640


Intel Quad Core Extreme


I'm using the built in Intel Audio and Ethernet.

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