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Recommended boot loader?


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Clover can also boot in Legacy mode. I think for someone new, the learning curve is the same for each boot loader, at least as far as the basics are concerned.


If he's using Chimera already, that means he's booting in Legacy mode. It would probably be easiest to just replace that with latest Chameleon.


I'm not a fan of the term "legacy mode", it makes non-UEFI mode seems like it's obsolete...but what can you do.


jpenguin: Chimera (what you're using now) is TonyMac's version of Chameleon and works the same way.


Whether you're dual booting or not should not be a factor in your choice of boot loader, both can dual or triple or quadruple-boot if that's what you want.


You can read more about Clover here...take a deep breath:



Current development topic for Chameleon, it is alive and doing well courtesy of Fabio...and we have two new devs on board now doing lots of new cool stuff..


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I just reinstalled using pandora, I got network to work, still no audio.  I installed Enoch, but it says something about "boot:GPT boot:error"; I can only boot from the pandora flash drive with GraphicsEnabler=No.


My HDD-- WD Blue 1 TB Desktop Hard Drive: 3.5 Inch, 7200 RPM, SATA 6 Gb/s, 64 MB Cache - WD10EZEX






I turned off SecureBoot & set the BIOS to legacy only


Is there anyway I can map my keyboard's meta key to command

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Not sure what ya mean, but this is my situation


I have 10.9.1 installed

Network works

no sound

keyboard works (meta key not working)

Advanced keys (Mute/Volume) work

Can't install bootloader to HD

can boot with pandora flash drive

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I meant your "meta" key.

Maybe the manufacturer of your keyboard offers an OS X layout. I believe there are apps that allow you to make your own as well but if OS X does not even see that key I don't know if it's possible to map it.


Is that a 4K or 512 byte sector hard drive?


About the sound, follow the link Lord Admiral Drake posted.

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$ diskutil info / | grep "Block Size" 
Device Block Size: 512 Bytes
I just tried clover via UEFI, I can reach the clover boot menu; it shows my osx install, but nothing happens when I select it


I don't know why, but the meta key started working



PS-- thanks for the help, I apologies for any info I am missing

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