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Mavericks running on this configuration [HELP]


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Hi, i'm buying this configuration for my new pc:



Moth: Asrock P67 Fatal1ty

Cpu: i5-2500 Sandy Bridge

Ram: 12Gb (2x4gb Corsair + 2x2 Kingston @1333mhz)

Video: Nvidia Geforce GTX (GF114) 560 2GB


Can it run native Mavericks or ML (or with some fixes but with all working)?


I need a stable configuration, the video and motherboard are full supported?


Thanks to all  :)

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about your video, read this: http://portingteam.com/topic/7524-mid-to-high-end-hackintosh-graphics-card-in-sl-or-lion/?do=findComment&comment=82501


100% OOB.


Ram: oks

Cpu: oks


Motherboard: i don't know, see this: http://olarila.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=3010&start=0


I believe there must be compatible.

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