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Alternative to patching sound on Desktops


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If you are tired of patching sound at every update or have a system with a sound chip that is not supported, I have put a list together of alternatives that are OOB compatible with OS X versions 10.6, 10.7, 10.8, 10.9


I have personally tested all of these listed and found them to solve other sound problems I was having with VMware fusion, my experience with patch AppleHDA was I got sound in OS X but either no sound in my VM's or very little sound. I needed a better option.



Sabrent USB Sound card, $7, I found them on sale at Amazon for $2 and bought four, I use this for my HTPC running 10.9.1


These are also sold under different names but look the same


Tech tip, for best sound, use short USB cables, I made a 3" USB cable for this to reduce line noise 


StarTech USB, OS X compatible, multi in and outs. can record via optical $34



Diamond USB Sound Card, Multi in and outs, can record via optical $40



if you search Amazon for USB sound card you will find more that are compatible with OS X as well.

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