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SheepShaver and Mac OS 9

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Hi, i want share my trial with this Mac OS 9 emulator.


You can find all you need here




1) download Sheepshaver for windows and unzip it into a folder

2) search on internet a Mac OS ROM ( 4Mb)

3) search on internet a Mac OS 9 Install Disk ISO ( 600 Mb)


then run Sheepshaver GUI and configure your VM

- create a Vm disk ( macos9.hfv) of at least 512 Mb ( 277 Mb are needed for installation)

- add VM disk macos9.hfv and Mac OS 9 ISo to volumes ( i.e max MaC OS 9.0.4) Mac oS 9.1 is not supported

- set windowed and 1024x768 resolution

- set network to BassiliKII_Slirp


Start SheepShaver , inizialize VMDisk, Run Mac Os 9 Install


Wait 10 minutes , voilà you have got a Mac Os 9 System virtalized


Hint :


Mac Os 9 ISO must be set readonly in windows otherwise boot error occurs

- Internet explorer 5.0 crash VM so you must use iCab Web Browser to go in internet

- Outlook will run ( but i haven't tried yet)

- Install Adobe reader 4.0 ( to read PDF)


Graphics - Windowed or full screen

Audio - works

Network - works



See Ya






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