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OK I just want to make sure that im doing this 100% correctly. I had alot of help the other day with questions about compatability and I hope I get help again today.


What I have so far.


Jas 10.4.6 Install DVD


Acronis Disk Director Suite


I have a few questions about the hard drive partitioning. Currently (read from partition magic) I have:


Local Disk (C:) | NTFS | 99,998.3 MB TOTAL | 94,451.3 MB USED | 5,547.0 MB LEFT | ACTIVE | PRIMARY

(*) | EXTENDED | 94,468.2 MB TOTAL | 94,468.2 MB USED | 0.0 MB LEFT | NONE | PRIMARY

Local Disk (D:) | NTFS | 94,468.1 MB TOTAL | 12,274.0 MB USED | 82,194.1 MB LEFT | NONE | LOGICAL



I plan on replacing Windows XP on the Local Disk (C:). Im not exactly sure how im going to have to set this up so any help here is greatly appriciated.


Another question with the partitioning. The guide im fallowing tells me to do "create partition primary id=af" what exactly will this do?


Next question is how to use SPFDISK if something were to go wrong. Do i just throw the exe onto a floppy and boot from the floppy if there is a malfunction?


Then the last question is how to use Acronis Disk Director Suite to make a dual bootloader menu? Im not familular with this program at all. Is it simple to setup?


Thanks for you help.

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I suggest you use darwin boot loader or chain0 would be easier ~~


Create a primary partition after the xp partition, the partition id=af and should be active


do the followings


Start > Run >



>select disk 0 (your hardisk with XP, in case you don't know, type : list disk )

>select partition 2 ( in case you don't know, type : list partition)

>create partition primary id=af



Or you can use partition manager 2004/2005 to do this!!

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I have a single hard drive partitioned with NFS for XP Pro and HFS+ for the OS X partition.


I am able to boot both successfully when I use Gparted and set the flag to boot for either respectively, but when I install the Chain0 and modify the boot.ini as instructed, it will not boot OS X.. it just returns to the "select operating system" screen


I have read the article and thread regarding multi/dual booting, and would like a clarification.


1) Does chain0 method work with 10.4.7?

If it should work, where can I get a known good version? I downloaded a version from somone in the community, but this is not working.. I have seen in the community that it should be on the DVD in /usr/standalone/i386.. it does not appear to be on my DVD..


2) I would prefer not to use the Acronis method


3) If I choose to go with Darwin bootloader method, is there a way to have it come up on the screen at boot time without hitting F8?


Thanks for any help!

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If you go into Windows and then insert the OSX install DVD and look at the files there, you will see chain0 is available. Copy it to your C:\ directory in Windows.


To use the OSX Darwin bootloader, set the OSX partition active. Boot into OSX and do this: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?s=&...st&p=188186

Hey Rammjet!

Thanks for the reply.. I was able to copy the chain0 file off of the DVD through Windows, but it still doesn't work.


I made the change to the com.apple.Boot.plist and that works fine..


There is no way to modify which OS is the default right?



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