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Haswell budget motherboard

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Hi, everyone!

I'm thinking to build a hack, so I need some advices.

I want 4 core Haswell core i5 and 8GB (2x4GB) of RAM.
NO video (I'll be using internal).

NO overclocking.

SATA 3, USB 3 (at least it should on board).

It would be great if mobo would have VGA output and also if it would be mini-itx (small as possible).

Mac+Win boot.


I know there are ga - h\z 77m - wifi boards, BUT (!) no VGA + wifi not working under hack.


So... what can you suggest for me? What about b85 chipset? Is it good, or it is really crappy. I just what to buy budget motherboard, that's all. No fancy stuff needed.


Thanks in advance.

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