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I really need some help


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Please someone:


I really need some detailed help and hand holding I'm afraid

I am desparate to try to hackintosh one of my older computers.

I have tried fo many months in many different ways to do this with no luck at all

I am begining to feel that just don't have enough knowledge to do this although everyone I've read seems to say it's very straight forward


BTW when I try to install hackintosh on this computer the software does not even see my SATA hard drive???


Anyway I would like to put myself in someones hands and finally get this done

The machine I would like to use is an older 64 bit machine

CPU = AMD Semperon 3000+


Instructions: MMX+, 3DNOW!, SSE, SSE2, SSE3


BIOS = Pheonix Tech Ltd


Video = Nvidia GeForce 6100 nforce 400


Sound = Realtek High Definition Audio


Network = Nvidia nforce Network controller


Agin I beg your help


I need a detailed method of installation from getting the software to installation


Thanking whomever in advance

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Thanks for your help.  Just to show you the depth of my ignorance - re the Mobo I was unable to recognize any chipset but:


Mobo = model NF-MCP61


northbridge and southbridge = Nvidia MCP61 Rev A2


as per Systems Information for Windows

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Northbridge and Southbridge comprises the chipset. At least on older motherboards anyway - those distinctions don't exist anymore.


Your motherboard uses the nforce4 chipset. Your first post had this information.


You need to make sure that your motherboard has the Geforce 6100 and not the 6150. AFAIK the Geforce 6150 integrated GPU is not supported.


Use the forum search or google to find the nforce guides I mentioned.

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