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Audio in Profiler, but not in System Prefs (ALC888)


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Hi all,

First of all, I'm still bait noob so don't punish me too early :D
So, I've recently installed Mavericks and it's running quite good, but I can't get Audio working on that machine.
Notice, that I've running audio perfectly under Snow Leopard.

So in the System Profiler I got my devices "ready to use":



Though I can't select anything in the system preferences:

("No audio devices have been found")

I have ALC888 and I already looked up my DSDT and it's already in there. Also tried a bunch of different KEXTs but none have worked yet.

I'm desperate but I'm sure there is someone who might help me out?

Thanks :)

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i'm not sure how T's stuff works but you must extract DSDT from your own machine.   if you really want to make your audio work, then you need a codec dump from a linux distro.  you can also extract your own DSDT from the same linux distro.


if you want the easy(?) way, use voodoo hda or download a working appleHDA (bin patched and modified for ALC888) from a similar build.  

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