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  1. Hi all, First of all, I'm still bait noob so don't punish me too early So, I've recently installed Mavericks and it's running quite good, but I can't get Audio working on that machine. Notice, that I've running audio perfectly under Snow Leopard. So in the System Profiler I got my devices "ready to use": Though I can't select anything in the system preferences: ("No audio devices have been found") I have ALC888 and I already looked up my DSDT and it's already in there. Also tried a bunch of different KEXTs but none have worked yet. I'm desperate but I'm sure there is someone who might help me out? Thanks
  2. I got the dsdt from tonymac (yes, I don't like his stuff as well, but I don't know where to get one elsewhere) Not sure what you mean with the codec dump. The bootloader is the Chameleon one from myhack
  3. piccobello

    Apple Magic Mouse OSX86 - external bluetooth dongle

    Please, is there nobody who can help me with this?
  4. piccobello

    Apple Magic Mouse OSX86 - external bluetooth dongle

    Can someone PLEASE help me?? I finally bought an ASUS BT21, I can connect & pair my Magic Mouse, but the pointer is often slow 8bad batteries?) and I don't have the gesture options, like scrolling or swiping. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? I did not change the IOblutooth.kext
  5. Hey guys, probably this have been questioned several times, but I didnt found a solution. Ive two harddrives. Before installing Ubuntu, Chameleon worked without problems. I made the mistake to not install GRUB to Ubuntus partition. Then, Chameleon didnt worked anymore. So I deleted the Ubuntu Partition and reinstalled Chameleon manually, I also installed Ubuntu again (with installing GRUB correctly). - but no luck anymore. I cant get Chameleon nor Ubuntu get to work. My partition scheme looks like: /dev/disk0 #: TYPE NAME SIZE IDENTIFIER 0: --- GUID_partition_scheme --- *500.1 GB --- disk0 1: --- EFI --- 209.7 MB --- disk0s1 2: --- Apple_HFS Snow Leopard --- 499.8 GB --- disk0s2 3: --- Apple_HFS untitled --- 133.2 MB --- disk0s3 /dev/disk1 #: TYPE NAME SIZE IDENTIFIER 0: --- FDisk_partition_scheme --- *500.1 GB --- disk1 1: --- Windows_NTFS System-reserved --- 104.9 MB --- disk1s1 2: --- Windows_NTFS Untitled --- 376.0 GB --- disk1s2 3: --- Linux UNTITLED --- 124.0 GB --- disk1s5 I dont know what to do anymore, I tried everything and read houndreds of threads, please help me
  6. Hello, I know there's already a big thread about the Magic Mouse, but I didn't found any issue which was similar to mine - I hope you can help me. I bought a Bluetooth dongle, here are the specifications: The dongle gets recognized and works "out-of-the-box". It can recognize and connect to the Magic Mouse, but the pairing always fails. I tried all the passcode option, set it to "0000", but nothing works! Does the Magic Mouse hate my BT dongle, do I have to buy another? Please help me
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    Magic Mouse refuses pairing with BT dongle

    bump! please anyone??? For your info, it's that no-name mini-dongle:
  8. Hello, I'm new to this forum so please don't hit me if this is this has been answered already (I have used the search but didn't found anything) I'm going to buy a PC now. I would like two make a Windows and a Linux partition on the internal HD and a hackintosh partition on my external HD. Is this possible? If yes, what do I have to keep in mind / is there a difference to a "normal" Hackintosh installation? Thanks for your answers! -piccobello