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    Boot Cache Question (-f)

    In addition to river's post, the following were done to "fix" his DSDT: Applied usual fix to remove warnings and remarks. Removed serial port COM2 and printer port ECP0/LPT1. Fixed serial port COM1 IRQ assignment to IRQ3 only. Removed IRQ assignment to TIMR and RTC. Added IRQ assignment to device HPET - IRQ4,5,7,8. River's Device (HPET): Device (HPET) { Name (_HID, EisaId ("PNP0103")) Name (_UID, One) Name (CRES, ResourceTemplate () { Memory32Fixed (ReadWrite, 0x00000000, // Address Base 0x00000000, // Address Length _Y04) IRQNoFlags () {4} IRQNoFlags () {5} IRQNoFlags () {7} IRQNoFlags () {8} }) Method (_CRS, 0, NotSerialized) { CreateDWordField (CRES, \_SB.PCI0.LPC.HPET._Y04._BAS, BASE) CreateDWordField (CRES, \_SB.PCI0.LPC.HPET._Y04._LEN, LNTH) Store (HPTB, BASE) Store (0x0400, LNTH) Return (CRES) } Method (_STA, 0, NotSerialized) { Return (0x0F) } } I had the same issue on my hp compaq 8000 elite sff. I had to assign 4 IRQs to HPET otherwise not all USB port would work. The solution was from DukeRaoul's post.
  2. let me clarify that mate. with both kext (mirone and mine), all back connectors work but still no front connectors work. that is with appleHDA.kext enabled through DSDT patch, correct?
  3. does your hdmi work? with mirone's kext all your back connectors work, correct? but not with mine? (see, i'm just a noob )
  4. ok, put this DSDT.aml into your /Extra folder. remove HDAEnabler in boot.plist. reboot and upload the usual dump files please. DSDT.aml.zip
  5. it's really weird your front connectors are not working. but it works fully well in windows.... anyway, upload your DSDT.aml. we'll try to enable loading of appleHDA.kext through DSDT instead of using HDAEnabler. i just want to see the "behaviour" of appleHDA.kext.
  6. alright, try this one. hackman-s2-rev1.zip
  7. can you please post your request here. this thread is for alc662.
  8. @hackman85 ok, these are your connectors: FRONT mic jack headphone jack BACK line in speaker jack mic jack with my first kext, only back speaker jack worked. with the one you downloaded, back speaker and mic jack worked. back line in jack worked?
  9. @hackman85 when you used the first version i sent you, you said that the rear connectors worked but not the front connectors. hackman85_01.zip i checked it again and found that the configured input/output are: mic (9-34-25) headphone (27-12-2) speaker (20-12-2) can you try it again?
  10. @fisherwei this is your current pin config and path map: PINCONFIG: 21471c60 21471d40 21471e01 21471f01 21871c10 21871d90 21871ea1 21871f01 21971c80 21971d90 21971ea1 21971f01 21a71c20 21a71d30 21a71e81 21a71f01 21b71c50 21b71d40 21b71e21 21b71f01 PATHMAP: Mic at Ext Rear 0x18 > 0x0d > 0x03 (24>13>3) Mic at Ext Front 0x19 > 0x0e > 0x04 (25>14>4) Line In at Ext Rear 0x1a > 0x23 > 0x18 (26>35>24) Line Out at Ext Rear 0x14 > 0x0c > 0x02 (20>12>2) HP Out at Ext Front 0x1b > 0x22 > 0x19 (27>34>25) this should be your path map (more or less ): Inputs: Mic at Ext Rear 8-35-24 Mic at Ext Front 8-35-25 Line In at Ext Front 9-34-26 Outputs: Line Out at Ext Rear 20-12-2 HP Out at Ext Front 27-14-4 (or 27-12-2) @hackman85: have you tested front mic and headphone with windows or ubuntu?
  11. @hackman85 - how did you get your codec dump?
  12. @MQ and hackman85: will continue tonight, long drive going home due to traffic
  13. hackman85_03.zip if you get audio back, test front mic and head phone and at rear line-in and line-out. did not include rear mic. please upload the dump files after reboot.
  14. @fisherwei: 1. change your bootloader to chameleon svn-r2266 2. remove any HDAEnabler 3. add HDAEnabler=Yes and HDEFLayoutID=0C000000 to org.chameleon.boot.plist 4. if you have method DSM with layout-id and pinconfig injection into your device HDEF, remove it. (or you can enable loading of appleHDA.kext through DSDT patch but you have to remove entries at 3) 5. use AppleHDA.kext from 10.9 and patch it according to your codec. please modify the usual 3 files (info.plist, layout12.xml.zlib and platforms.xml.zlib) according to your pinconfig data, layout id, path maps and node ids. @hackman85: org.chameleon.Boot.plist.zip i've added HDAEnabler=Yes but you have to remove HDAEnabler from /Extra/Modules. reboot and upload the usual files please.
  15. 1. as far as i know, there is no HDMI control on OSX. 2. can you upload your org.chameleon.boot.plist and DSDT.aml 3. please do not post dmesg and bdmesg. upload these as files. 4. how many physical connectors do you have on your PC? two (mic and headphone) at the front? and three (line-in, speaker jack, mic?) at the back?