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How to get into the OpenFirmware?

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Hi, I got a running 10.9 on vmware player 6.01

I want to get into the OpenFirmware screen


I tried holding down Windows Key+Alt+F+O

1. since before restart, all the way to seeing login screen again (failed)

2. after clicking restart, before black screen (failed)

3. after black screen (failed)

4. after seeing vmware backdrop screen (failed)

5. smashing the keys (failed)


How do you get into the OpenFirmware screen exactly?

Thank you

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You can't. OpenFirmware was for PowerPC Macs. Intel Macs use EFI and I don't think you could get into the nvram with VMWare. It probably uses legacy BIOS booting for OS X.

Actually VMware has a virtual EFI BIOS which you can get into. Hold a key down such as Esc during boot sequence and it should work. Workstation also has a "Power On to BIOS" option which does the same thing. Not sure abut Player.

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