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  1. Hi, I got a running 10.9 on vmware player 6.01 I want to get into the OpenFirmware screen I tried holding down Windows Key+Alt+F+O 1. since before restart, all the way to seeing login screen again (failed) 2. after clicking restart, before black screen (failed) 3. after black screen (failed) 4. after seeing vmware backdrop screen (failed) 5. smashing the keys (failed) How do you get into the OpenFirmware screen exactly? Thank you
  2. Hi I followed the bash method and now have a running 10.9 on player 6.01, thank you so much! The only problem is the player keeps nagging me to install vmtools but I did install in by mounting the drawin.iso and successfully completed the installation and restarted the OS. I know I can click "Never remind me again" but thats not the point, I can't set up (grayed out) vm shard folder because it still thinks I havent installed vmtools. Another weird finding is inside the vmxf file, I got this line <vmxPathName type="string">Mac OS X 10.9.vmx</vmxPathName></VM><tools-install-info><installError>5</installError><updateCounter>6</updateCounter></tools-install-info></Foundry> It seems there was some error during or after the installation. I repeated the installation twice and still the same, help is needed. Cheers!