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VIT laptop DSDT Help

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I have a VIT (A PC made in Venezuela) and I successfully manage to install Mavericks with a vanilla installation, the problem is I dont have ethernet nor wifi nor graphics or audio. I would like to patch the DSDT (and enable sleep) but I dont know how. The ethernet works with the Multibe.. when using the Lnx or something, but I dont want kexts, I prefer a cleaner and stable way. If you can help me with the ethernet I would use the System Info to tell you the wireless/blutooth and the audio.

I have a i3 2,3Ghz Ivy Bridge and Intel HD4000. If you can tell me how to enable it native (I dont like the chimera plus put the resolution, I want to be able to change resolution for programs etc, and enable CI/QE

Also when I used champlist, it gave me 3 SSDT (I dont know how to use them), APIC, FACP, FACS, HPET, MCFG, RSDT and everyone have the DSDT editor option, how do I patch them? What are they?

Also I cant use the keyboard or the touchpad, I use an external USB pack, is there anyway to enable the multitouch feature? Since my touchpad support it

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what a mess in u mind.. my advice to u is to read about what are u trying to do.. if not in english.. use the spanish forum here..


good hack

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Why? Does the DSDT doesnt work for ethernet? Or wireless or audio?

I wanted but the spanish forum doesnt have so many users and it is really slow until one of they answers

I only want to know how to patch my DSDT, to enable the full intel hd4000, sleep enabler, the touchpad multitouch gestures and the keyboard and to know what are the APIC, FACP, FACS, HPET, MCFG, RSDT that Champlist extract for me

If you can help me I will be glad (I understand very well english but my grammar isnt so good :()

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